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Run the Social Security Calculator We specialize in working with pre-retirees and retirees, requiring assistance with transitioning into retirement, rolling over their qualified retirement plans or assistance with a pension, creating a distributing plan, as well as improving upon their existing retirement plan.

We have created and established the Retirement Resource Center of Northwest Ohio, the “one-stop-shop” for retirees. This newly established center offers diverse and comprehensive services catering to the retired (near retired) residents of Northwest Ohio.

We give you the information you need to better manage your wealth, protect your hard earned assets, and efficiently plan your estate. Call us today at 419-842-0550 for a complementary consultation.

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NEW IRA Trust - For Your Retirement Accounts! Learn what it is and how it protects one of your biggest assets.

WARNING! Will your family blow up your retirement account? The Stretch IRA is attractive to many parents and children but there are a number of problems in establishing and maintain the Stretch IRA. If you are considering it for your children or grandchildren, consider the following:
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